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  It feels like God has been drawing me to serve Him all my life. Even in my early rock & roll days, He seemed to work His way into my music. The first Christian song I recorded was our wedding song, in 1983.

  Cindy & I met around a campfire in New Hampshire, among friends, and there was an instant connection. We felt then, and still do now, that God had His hand in it. Our son, Cory, was born in 1986 and Kristen followed in 1988. Today, they both serve in the church. Cory, playing guitar with me on the Praise Team, and Kristen teaching Sunday School. Our daughter-in-law, Megan, also helps with Sunday School. We were excited when Megan decided to be baptized in our church. Our two grandsons, Abel & Levi, are regular attendees in church. What a blessing to have our whole family following Christ!

  I started playing worship music over 20 years ago, and I didn’t feel especially qualified to minister to anyone. I knew I loved God, and wanted to serve Him, but preach? That was a scary proposition at the time. What did I know? Who was I? One night, when my brother-in-law and I were singing in a local coffee house, an amazing thing happened. During the intermission, a young man approached my sister, who was running the coffee house, and asked her to help him pray to receive Jesus. He told her that he felt “God put those two guys there tonight to speak His word to me.” That was, and still is, such a blessing and an encouragement. That God can take our feeble efforts and use them for His purposes, despite ourselves.

  Gradually, He led me to growth in faith. When I first came to my current church, I was reluctant to join the music program. Fast forward several years, when the previous music director resigned, and it was left to me to lead the music ministry. Since then, through countless hours in prayer, worship music, scripture and writing my own worship songs, my faith and spiritual maturity has grown in a way that I doubt it would have, otherwise. Even as reluctant as I was, God would not be denied. I thank Him and praise Him for the opportunity to serve Him and my church family. I thank the Praise Team, my wonderful pastor, Del Demosthenes, and my church family for their support and encouragement.

  Now, I feel God is leading me to take the ministry to the next step, outside the four walls of my church. My hope is to write and record worship music that blesses and glorifies God and leads people closer to the heart of God and deeper into worship. Our God is an awesome God! I’ve seen Him do so many amazing things in my life and in the lives of my family and friends. It only seems right to honor and praise Him. Please join me in this journey of worship. God bless you!

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