So the World Will Know

  My daughter, Kristen, decided to get baptized after going through a traumatic event, and then being healed at a prophetic worship service with a good friend, worship artist Troy Bourne and Pastor Brian Weeks. Although she had been a believer for many years, she never felt moved to get involved in the church, or to get baptized. After this event, she was convicted that she needed to witness her love and thanks to God for what He had done for her. I had written a song for my son, Cory, many years ago, when he had been baptized: “Wash Me Clean,” so Kristen, not too subtly reminded me of the fact. Being the Music Director/Worship Leader at our church, it was up to me to select a song for the occasion. When I asked her what song she might like for the service, she said, “You know, Dad, you did write one for Cory….” Gotcha.

  It just so happened that I was working on a song at the time. I had most of the melody, but was struggling with the lyrics, until then. Focusing on the rite of baptism and what it means to give your life to Christ was all the direction I needed, and the lyrics came easily after that, especially with the joyful occasion of my daughter’s baptism and inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

  When Troy and I began talking about working together on this recording project, this was my most recently written song, and close to my heart, so we decided to start the project with this one.

  It took over a year to complete, getting together at his studio once a week, with breaks for his ministry trips – and his wedding to his wonderful wife –whom he met at one of his worship events. I was blessed to be one of the first people he shared his joy with, and honored to be invited to their wedding. God has truly blessed me in all of it.